Tourism & Biotrade

Tourism & Biotrade

Approximately 40% of Zambia’s landscape is gazetted as a form of protected area – national parks, game management areas, national and local forest reserves, and other designations. These landscapes form the basis for competitiveness of Zambia’s tourism industry, and they offer a critical foundation for addressing issues of natural resource management, environmental sustainability, economic diversity, climate change, and future growth of related sectors.

Through two initiatives – Effective Enablers and Landscape Livelihoods – Prospero fosters a more competitive and sustainable tourism industry by facilitating better managed and leveraged natural assets, greater environmental integrity, improved sector collaboration and market access, and increased opportunities for MSME investment within and adjacent to the tourism sector leading to meaningful, inclusive growth.


Day 2 of the 2022 N/Western B2B Conference & Expo

We are excited for yet another day of great conversations. Today's activities are all focused on B2B matchmaking & linkages and our team is ready for more meaningful interactions with all the participants.