Our History

Our History

Prospero was established in 2014 as a Special Purpose Vehicle to implement SME investment activities under the first phase of the Private Enterprise Programme Zambia (PEPZ), a private sector development program funded by UKAid.

From 2020, Prospero assumed responsibility for the implementation of the second phase of the PEPZ programme (PEPZ 2). PEPZ 2 is due to run until 2026 under a funding agreement with UKaid.

Prospero is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee with an independent Board of Directors (one director represents our funders). We employ some 30 people at our offices in central Lusaka.

Goat & Sheep Auction!

With our support, the Goat & Sheep Breeders Society will be hosting an auction at Lusaka Showgrounds on October 15th,2022.

The Goat & Sheep Breeders Society work to increase access to high-breed goats through capacity-building activities.