Rural Enterprise Hubs (REH)

Rural Enterprise Hubs (REH)

We support private companies to provide off grid power supply to strengthen economic linkages between rural MSMEs and private sector businesses, opening access to profitable rural markets leading to an improvement in last mile distribution and increased employment opportunities for rural communities. REHs services to the rural MSEMs include – renewable energy, workspace, cold storage, health, microfinance, e-mobility, telecom etc. The REH model will lower the risk that service providers incur in experimenting with new services or delivery mechanisms in rural markets. The 2021 Rural hub strategy integrates the electrification of rural health clinics to increase access to health services.

Goat & Sheep Auction!

With our support, the Goat & Sheep Breeders Society will be hosting an auction at Lusaka Showgrounds on October 15th,2022.

The Goat & Sheep Breeders Society work to increase access to high-breed goats through capacity-building activities.