At Prospero, we are committed to sharing knowledge and ideas. Here, we publish a range of information about Prospero, our investments and our impact.

Food & Agriculture

Goat Production Manual

This manual covers the basics of goat production in Zambia and provides guidance to both commercial and emerging farmers on animal husbandry practices, business development and market access.

Tourism & Hospitality

Handicraft Export Guide

This guide serves as a comprehensive handbook for local artisans looking to break into valuable international markets.  Providing an overview of international buyer requirements, design and marketing and shipping procedures, the guide is brimming with useful information and tips to increase Zambian craft exports.

Destination Management Plan (DMP) for Livingstone

The DMP is a community-owned and endorsed roadmap based on a shared vision to transform Livingstone into a more competitive and inclusive tourist destination, creating more job and benefitting more local SMEs. Implementation of the DMP is overseen by the Destination Livingstone Board.

Zambia 2020 Crafts Look Book

This Look Book showcases the innovative and diverse range of Zambia’s handicraft industry.

Investment Services

Feasibility Study on Crowdfunding Opportunities in Zambia

This study assessed the willingness of Zambian investors to provide growth capital to local businesses through a local crowdfunding platform.

Mapping the impact Investment Sector in Zambia

This study explored the five pillars that comprise the impact investment ecosystem in Zambia: Supply, Demand, Intermediation, Enablers, Regulatory.