Industry & Manufacturing

Industry & Manufacturing

By partnering with manufacturing SMEs and large corporates, Prospero increases the sustainable and inclusive economic impact of manufacturing in Zambia. We help our partners seize local content opportunities and utilise technologies for improved economic efficiency and a reduced environmental impact. 

Zambia’s industrial growth over the past decade has been mostly absorbed by the non-manufacturing industrial sector with copper mining being the largest contributor. Manufacturing accounts for less than 10% of the national economy despite its huge potential to create jobs through backward and forward linkages.

Key constraints to sector growth are: 

  • Lack of access to key domestic markets (mines, chain stores, government)
  • Limited beneficiation and diversification
  • Limited access to affordable long-term finance
  • Outdated technologies
  • Suboptimal local supply chains

We encourage investment in selected manufacturing sub-sectors for a sustainable and inclusive economic impact, to benefit low-income Zambians, especially women, youth, people with disabilities and rural populations. 

The mining sector is highly important to the manufacturing sector, as shown by SMEs supplying inputs to large mining companies. However, the downward trend in mining exploration budgets and the limited lifespans of existing mines necessitate the seizing of additional opportunities for manufacturing SMEs to diversify their operations. At the same time, mining companies’ efforts to invest in local economic development allow for opportunities for diversification.