Sustainable Industries

Sustainable Industries

Traditionally, the manufacturing sector is known to have a large negative environmental impact. This initiative promotes local economic development based on social and environmental sustainability. We identify SME intervention partners for capital investments in green manufacturing solutions, renewable energy, and waste management and recycling. We operate in selected geographic areas (urban and rural) with a clear impact on and involvement of local business communities. We additionally engage directly with mining companies to influence the spend of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) budgets on commercially sustainable and impactful business initiatives, dubbed CSI or Corporate Social Investment. By offering repayable grants, technical assistance, climate financing and (carbon) partnership development we support non-mine-dependent income-generating activities that can be sustained until after the mines’ lifespan. Business initiatives will be linked to carbon financing opportunities such as carbon credits, for additional revenues that will benefit local communities. Our key partners include “green SMEs”; Ministry of Commerce, Trade & Industry; Zambia Association of Manufacturers; Zambia Development Agency; and mining companies.

Goat & Sheep Auction!

With our support, the Goat & Sheep Breeders Society will be hosting an auction at Lusaka Showgrounds on October 15th,2022.

The Goat & Sheep Breeders Society work to increase access to high-breed goats through capacity-building activities.