Food & Agriculture

Food & Agriculture

Prospero is increasing the competitiveness and value of locally produced food products in both domestic and international markets. We work with private sector-led consortia to develop geographically focused value chains and invest in stronger business relationships to achieve more efficient market systems, creating growth opportunities for our intervention partners and income-generating opportunities for Prospero’s target beneficiaries, mainly smallholder farmers.

We improve competitiveness in our three initiative areas, namely small livestock, legumes, and fruit and vegetables, by ensuring:

  • access to local and international markets
  • efficiency and effectiveness of value
  • lobbying decision-makers to provide an enabling business environment
  • access to impact investment
  • inclusiveness and integration of MSMEs in the value chain
  • addressing issues of climate change
  • increasing locally made nutritious products. 


We look to work with private sector enterprises that operate in these value chains and are interested in being connected to other market players to collaborate in the sector. Prospero also wants to work with private sector companies that provide innovations to the challenges named above.