Prospero works with intervention partners to address key barriers to market access and participation though scalable inclusive and innovative business proposals.

An intervention partnership is a co-investment of a combination of resources, time, money and effort between Prospero Zambia and an intervention partner on a project that will introduce a new product, service or business model in a specific focus sector market – it is a form of joint venture. While our partner invests in the hope and expectation of future profits and financial returns to shareholders, Prospero invests for development returns – new or more secure jobs and income opportunities for our target beneficiaries.

There are FOUR types of intervention partnerships, two of which involve financial support, and two of which are non-financial

Intervention Partnerships

Financial Partnerships

Investment Grant

Prospero provides financial support to our partner in order to incentivize investment and offset some of the risks of business innovation.

Technical Assistant Grant

Prospero contributes to a partner’s costs of accessing specialist technical expertise during the design and/or implementation of the project.

Non-Financial Partnerships

Facilitation Agreement

Prospero supports partners to make new, beneficial business linkages with suppliers, customers, finance providers, or investors.

Cooperation Agreement

Prospero works alongside the partner to achieve a shared strategic objective. 

It’s possible that Prospero will simultaneously engage a partner in more than one form of partnership. For example, Prospero may both support an investment and help with the costs of technical assistance to support project implementation.